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Know Before You Go: 7 Ways to Prepare for Your Abu Dhabi Vacation

Where should you visit? When should you go? We answer everything you need to know to live out your dream Abu Dhabi vacation!

Exotic, luxurious, unforgettable, cultural, and action-packed. What are we talking about?

An Abu Dhabi vacation!

In fact, these are just a few of the adjectives you could use to describe a trip to this beautiful part of the world. It may lack the glamour of Dubai, but 11.35 million people still visit the capital of the United Arab Emirates each year to enjoy its own unique attributes.

With no shortage of things to see and do here, you’re all but guaranteed an incredible trip. Like any new travel destination, though, there are certain things to know before you go! From packing the right clothes to understanding the social norms, coming prepared is the best way to get the most of your time in the country.

Sound good? Read on for 7 key tips and considerations for your upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi.

1. Get Wise With the Weather

The first thing to know is that Abu Dhabi gets hot- especially in the summer months. You’ll enjoy world-class air conditioning everywhere you go, but the sweltering desert sun can soon get uncomfortable when you venture outside!

Be sure to keep that in mind when choosing your travel dates. A visit between October and May might be preferable if you struggle with the heat. However, be aware that this is also peak season, which means you’d be sharing Abu Dhabi with far more tourists too.

2. Be Ready for Ramadan

The weather isn’t the only thing to think about though. It’s worth considering the dates of Ramadan too! The ninth month of the Muslim year, this holy month sees people observe strict fasting between sunrise and sunset.

It also happens to be a sacred time in Abu Dhabi.

Anybody who visits during Ramadan will get a unique insight into the religious side of the city. However, their trip’s likely to be affected too. For example, businesses are open for fewer hours each day and no food or drink is allowed to be consumed (in public) while people are fasting.

3. Understand the Local Laws

Visitors to Abu Dhabi should try to familiarize themselves with the local conservative laws as well.

Why? Because certain behaviors that are acceptable in some countries are frowned upon and, in some cases, forbidden. Understanding what is and isn’t permissible should help you stick to the rules and steer clear of possible problems on your trip.

Important examples include the laws on drugs, alcohol, and public displays of affection. Be aware that drug-taking is illegal throughout the UAE and alcohol is only allowed in certain places. It’s best to avoid public displays of affection too, which can cause offense in local communities and are sometimes reported to the authorities.

4. Know What to Wear

As a traditional Islamic country, it’s important to dress conservatively throughout your trip to Abu Dhabi. You don’t have to wear the traditional clothes of the locals, but you should try to respect the customs to avoid any unwanted attention.

In practice, this means no tight or revealing outfits. Want our advice? Pack long, baggy, and lightweight clothing that’s made from things like cotton. You’ll be dressed according to local customs and feel far more comfortable when it’s 40 degrees centigrade outside too!

5. The Mosques Are a Must

Abu Dhabi’s well-known for its traditional values and way of life. In fact, compared to fast-paced places like Dubai with its western appeal, you have a much better chance of experiencing the true culture of this part of the world.

If that idea appeals to you, then visiting the mosques in Abu Dhabi is a must.

Not only are they incredible feats of architecture and beautiful buildings to explore, but they’re also steeped in culture. Look no further than the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for proof. The largest mosque in the UAE, you’ll be blown away by both its grandeur and sacred atmosphere.

6. Get Ready for Action

Many people think of Abu Dhabi as a chilled-out destination compared to other parts of the UAE. However, contrary to that idea, Abu Dhabi vacation packages are always full of opportunities for action and adventure! For example, you can head into the desert on safari, get behind the wheel of a race car at the Yas Marina Circuit, and cool off on the incredible waterslides at Yas Waterworld.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Ferrari World. Also located on Yas Island, this unique theme park is adrenaline-fuelled and suitable for all ages. You can take a ride on the world’s highest rollercoaster loop, whizz around on 20 heart-racing rides, and see Ferraris do spectacular stunts.

7. Relax at the Corniche

Looking for a space to chill out on your vacation too? Abu Dhabi Corniche is the ideal place to do it. You can soak up the sunshine on the beach, swim in stunning azure waters, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that hangs in the air.

Even better, the Corniche is family-friendly and has a number of quality restaurants to satisfy any hungry tummies. Any time’s a good time to visit this wonderful part of Abu Dhabi, but be sure to catch a sunset here before your trip comes to an end! Seeing the golden sun of the UAE bring the day to a close is something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Prepare for Your Abu Dhabi Vacation

Millions of people from all over the globe head to Abu Dhabi every single year. And for good reason! This staggering city in the UAE offers a wealth of enticing attributes that guarantee a good time.

However, with a unique culture and lots to see and do, it’s worth learning more about Abu Dhabi before you pack your bags and hop on the plane. We hope this post has helped in that regard! Keep these insights in mind and you’ll find it ten times easier to get the most from your Abu Dhabi vacation.

Are you ready to have the time of your life in this stunning holiday destination? Contact us today for help finding the perfect place to rent or buy in Abu Dhabi.

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