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How to buy a house in the UAE?

All you need to know about the costs, processes and legalities. Dubai – Many people come to the UAE hoping to stay for a few years and then move out – whether it is to go back to their home country or to move to a new one. However, most...
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Resilient outlook for UAE real estate

Expo 2020 Dubai is set to showcase the UAE, and particularly Dubai, as the world’s gateway country and city. The six-month event, which starts in October 2020, will celebrate and highlight to the world the progress the country has made over...
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Dubai property price decline to slow in 2020

Property prices in Dubai are expected to drop 11.3 per cent on average this year, but the slide is expected to slow down in 2020 and the market will see five to seven per cent correction as demand rises, latest data shows. With market hitting...
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Buying a property in the UAE? Follow these 11 tips

Expert advice to follow if you are buying a property in the UAE Dubai – The UAE’s property market has attracted buyers and sellers from every country and every income bracket. Over the decades, there has been a significant shift...
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Is 2020 a good time to buy a house in Dubai?

The softening of the Dubai real estate market has prompted buyers and investors to rethink investing strategies. Many are of the opinion that there needs to be a supply control, others feel it’s important to understand the needs of a younger...
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Traps to avoid when buying property in the UAE

The sales market has been buoyant in the off-plan sector but troubled in the secondary market for some time now. Prices have been sliding since 2015 due to the oil price crash and resulting issues around the Gulf. However, oil is at a four-year high...
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